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cc087e - White Box Savoury-500x500.jpg

Snack Boxes

White Gift Box filled with:

1 25g Chip bag,

1 21g Vege Chip bag,

1 Arnott's Shapes bag

1 45g Mixed Nuts

1 LeSnak Cracker/Cheese

Full Colour Sticker adhered to White Gift Box. Each box will have a different combination of product as per the content list. Random Variety of CHIPS, VEGE CHIP, ARNOTT'S SHAPES in packaging.

Call for alternative product in Care Packaging.

Individual White Gift Box will need to be packed into a postage box for freight.  White Gift Box fits into 1kg freight box.

As low as $8.88 per box

Pricing depends on quantity and branding requirements

Prices are AUD (ex GST)

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