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Sanitiser Dispenser Stand

Sanitiser Dispenser Stand


Dispatch Mid July


Automatic sensor operated, the touchless hand disinfection machine is designed to nebulize hand sanitizer, and provide automatic dosage of sanitiser gel, which enables a quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminates contamination, achieving optimal hand hygiene. It is powered by 4 pcs of C batteries or a DC adaptor (Note: batteries and adaptor are not included in this product) A reliable device with a long service life. 
The unit is high end industrial and has an upgraded chip and motor. The sanitser station has an adjustable height stability stand with drip tray and larger backing plate for instructions or advertising 
Dispenser unit Battery life 40,000/80,000 cycles(working 1-2 years depending on battery quality), Light Indicator for Low Power, Curved glossy shiny surface 
1000ML Refillable Bottle, Supports DC and battery, White case + black mirror, 100% Virgin ABS Engineering Plastic 12 month warranty 
Entrance Stand with Large Backing Back, Stable base with Adjustable Height Drip Tray and Easy Installation

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