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Exploring Demographics

SOS Promotions has put together a diverse collection of digital catalogues that you can browse and get inspired for your next marketing campaign. Each catalogue has a different theme allowing you to explore a specific demographic. From Café Culture to Pet, we have a wide variety of topics for you to discover and enjoy. Stay tuned as we'll launch a new themed catalogue every month in 2020.

Student Life

Looking to market to students? With Gen Z being so connected it takes a lot more than just advertising on campus. Brands must align with a younger demographic and the best way to attract students is by getting your message into their hands. Promotional products are the perfect solution and this catalogue has 51 top trending styles geared towards students.


Pet Catalogue

A promotion's best friend. Over 60% of Australian households own a pet, and 38% of households own a dog. These beloved animals become part of families and pull at every one of our heart strings. Connect your brand by supporting the furriest members of the family.


This is a catalogue launched by our network of dedicated suppliers. Showcasing their most popular summer selling styles. This catalogue includes promotional items, camping gear, outdoor event displays, apparel and head wear. Is your brand ready for summer? 



Launched prior to the 2019 gifting season this catalogue was created to provide inspiration and ideas into the corporate world of gifting. From small thank yous to substantial executive gifts and everything in between. This is a great guide if you are looking for an employee gift, new hire kit, client thank you, and anytime you are looking to make a "wow" statement. Most of the ideas found in this catalogue work well all year round.

Cafe Culture

This catalogue was created to celebrate the coffee lover that lives in all of us.  Items that welcome us into each day and make our daily commute a little more enjoyable. From the industry's most popular coffee tumblers and mugs to warm and cozy apparel. The products featured in this catalogue help connect your brand to the smile of every new day.


Convex 2019 Merch & Apparel

Convex is an annual event held each year for professionals in the branded merchandise industry. It is a time when all of the factories and wholesalers launch their new product lines and gear up for the year head. This catalogue is a recap from the event and showcases over 30 different suppliers and their newest products for 2019. The first half of the catalogue is dedicated to merchandise and the last half to apparel.


Colour Books

Each colour book is dedicated to one colourway. Every item featured in the following catalogues will correspond directly back to the cover colour. Stay tuned for the second edition launch as we continue to add more and more products to this collection. Click on a book below to view.

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